Founded in 2020, Montlhéry is a Houston-based business development firm that focuses on the creation and growth of new business avenues for OEMs that provide process equipment or water-related technologies.  With a strategic selection process based on the potential return-on-investment of client equipment, Montlhéry aligns itself with clients who have successfully completed substantial Series A or B funding rounds.

The company's unique sales strategy has moved away from the traditional manufacturer's representative model, adjusting to meet market needs more effectively.  Utilizing the latest technologies and tools, Montlhéry expedites the growth of its clients' businesses through a systematic process: identifying, qualifying, and securing purchase orders for their clients.

In a significant milestone in June 2022, Montlhéry joined forces with KDH Trading, a consulting firm also based in Houston.  The merge bolstered their business development capabilities, leading to the decision for KDH Trading to undergo a rebranding process in 2023.  Together, they present an impressive roster of sales professionals, each with a decade or more of experience in selling substantial equipment packages to energy facilities, operations, and heavy industries.  They share a mutual dedication to helping their clients achieve business growth and attain their objectives.

Montlhéry's name and logo draw inspiration from a historic town located 20 kilometers south of Paris.  This town was a vital node in the Paris-Bayonne semaphore relay line established in 1823.  This horseless, long-range communication system serves as the logo for Montlhéry, symbolizing the company's mission to facilitate seamless communication and business growth.

This connection to communication technology ties back to the legacy of the company's founder's great-grandfather, Ernest Walker Sawyer.  A Stanford University graduate with a civil engineering degree in 1909, Sawyer was a trailblazer in the realm of radio-telegraph communications.  He provided consulting services for prominent American firms, manufactured and sold radio equipment, and even set up radio transmitters on the Eiffel Tower.  His company was instrumental in establishing radio-telegraph stations at numerous global locations, ranging from San Francisco and London to Constantinople and Saigon.  This rich familial heritage deeply influences Montlhéry's commitment to leading-edge communication and business development strategies.